Cancer and Iyengar Yoga :-A way of life


During my visit to India in January 2013.I got a chance to meet Shirley Ecker . She had cancer so many times in her life. It was like keep coming and going.Her story made me crying and same time I felt strong and a thought this message needs to be forwarded to everyone especially for all the cancer patients. She wrote the book as well. It was not published at that time.I am not sure whether it is published now or not. She was on my mind since then though I never wrote any blog or any article on her but just a few days ago by chance my fingers pressed on YouTube and suddenly her video played.I thought it's a message from the universe that I need to share It with everyone.

She inspired me a lot with her talks and her positive attitude towards life.Yoga helped her a lot in her life and Guruji B.K.S Iyengar used to visit her to the hospital and helping her with the yoga.S he said she was always blessed with Iyengar yoga.I really liked her attitude especially towards a massive disease like cancer which is almost a passport to death.T he way she thinks it is amazing and it gives a lot of inspiration with her talks when she says "cancer is just cancer only". I really like it the way she thinks and its actually true people say that "we have to fight with our enemies like cancer "but her thinking is totally different she believes that we cannot fight because fighting requires a lot of energy though during this hard time one needs more energy to stay strong to face chemotherapy and radiotherapy kind of treatments. Here is a small video of her where she shares her journey with yoga as being cancer patient in her most of the life.

Interestingly doctors told her that she should be dead by now but they were very surprised that she is alive and that's they asked her whatever you did with you please welcome to do the same with the cancer patients in the hospital so now she teaches yoga to cancer patients and helping them to give a ray of hope to live life like WOW!!!