"To measure of one's own success, one needs to take the first step" Bhavna Rani

India Visit March / April 2016

I was quite excited as this time I was going to India after 2 years .I landed safely as per the flight schedule .However it took me almost 2 hours to get the clearance from the immigration counter as it was a long queue. I was very happy seeing my little two adorable nephews came to pick me up with my mum and sis .It was a dusky early morning in Delhi .We headed to my sis place and planed to have few vacation trip with my family .we went together to the few places and I really enjoyed in the valley of Mussoorie.I never been on skates before but there my nephews pushed me to ride on the skates and I did manage on it and the fear whether I would balance on it or not was gone. I remember once Mr. Iyengar said that you should not have the fear that would stop you but you should use the fear to reach you high more with using that fear as precautions. And I learned the balancing myself on the skates .Once Bks Iyengar said If your mind waves your body waves and if your body waves your mind waves .so focus is important and that's what I did .I was not at that time in that city to do yoga but yoga was in me throughout of my journey, in so many ways like I explained above.

I went to Kurukshetra where Kurukshetra War of the Mahabharata was fought on this land and the Bhagavad Gita was preached here during the war when Lord Krishna found Arjuna in a terrible dilemma.I enjoyed the beautiful village they made there called "Dharovar Museum"( a museum to showcase the unique archeological, cultural and architectural heritage of Haryana. It also has an open-air theatre for cultural performances.). This places inspired me to do some poses on the narrow wall where again I learned and did balancing poses those took me to think me further more further balance it is something beyond the balance.

And finally I decided to go to Rishikesh, the place I love and feel I am attached to it somehow. As I reached there I felt an immense kind of pleasure in me and I was so much looking forward for the Usha Devi's classes (Swiss lady living in Rishikesh for more than 30 years and teaching Iyengar yoga ,she studied with BKS Iyengar in Pune for many years ).

I registered there for two weeks and excited as the classes was suppose to start from the very much next day. I planned to see Ganges and thought to walk on Ganges stairs .I was misfortunate for that I guess and somehow my right foot stuck on a broken tile and my ankle twisted badly and lead me to some inner damage. Obviously I was disappointed and I couldn't do to the first classes and spend almost the entire day at the hospital .they wanted me to put the plaster on it .It was a deep damaged happened to my ankle but I decided not to go for the cast .I didn't want to use the crutches during my entire trip so I did not accept the cast but I got the temporary bandage which actually helped me while I continued my yoga journey with Usha Ji .I learned so many things in the class .when I was having a severe pain my ankle was not supporting me to hold the standing poses so I did not do those poses and I was more stick to forward bends .

Some time there was a class of Upanishad which was taught by Siddhartha Krishna .It was an absolute bliss to attend that classes and I learned few mantra and the real meaning of those Mantras .Beautiful Upanishad Lectures from Him. I would say that class actually helped me somehow to find some answer I was looking for which was related to my inner discovery or inner journey. It helped me to find out the right decision in so many ways .I am thankful to Siddhartha for the beautiful lecture .I wonder that how the things are connected within it and you find the answer within it .Really blissful classes he did .He is the son of Mata Usha ji .He has such an immense knowledge of Veda which he summarizes in few classes and the knowledge was absolutely deep and meaningful.

My ankle started getting better and I did more practice .living in a beautiful part in Rishikesh and enjoying the healthy and beautiful breakfast at my favorite shop the juice corner was just amazing. (The name of the shop is "The Juice corner", highly recommended) They make such a beautiful breakfast that actually energizes the body for the rest of the day.

Finally it was my last day came to leave this beautiful place and I didn't want to leave it but sometime you get the memories with knowledge and certain things in you that brought you to think to come back again. Hopefully I will come back again soon .I am thankful to the people I met there and special thanks to Usha Ji and Siddhartha Ji .I am back to Europe now and looking forward for the next trip to Pune soon and wants to get the classes from Prashant and Abhijata .Here are few memorable clicks I took during my stay in India and happy to share it .